Okuyama & Co. was established on March 3, 1982 as a trading company importing stationery products mainly from the US, Canada and Europe. In 1995, the decision was made to manufacture their own stationery products in Japan for the Japanese market. Since then, they have been wholesaling their products to major stationery shops in Japan.

Stickers under their label "Sticker Fun" continue to be a leader in the Japanese sticker market. A new niche in the sticker world has evolved with the target being mainly adults rather than children. This new approach has expanded the market for stickers as consumers are finding these products make perfect gifts as they are eye-catching, decorative, light in weight, and reasonably priced. New types of stickers using various kinds of materials and new design categories such as seasons, flowers, teacher stuff, Japanese culture, Hawaiian culture, sports, foodstuff, animals, and so on have been developed over the years. Stickers are artistic, precise and beautiful, not simply "kawaii".